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Jig'n'Pig Fishing Guide Media  has been featured in - Cabela's Outfitter Journal - Ohio Game & Fish - and MidWest Outdoors magazines.

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They called themselves "Team Fool", and they were fun.  We had a blast at Wolf Run Lake.  And caught some fish too.  The fish were caught on JignVenom Sweet Dream and the Venom Lure tube.

My favorite and most fun clients of all time!!!


My 2012 trip with this man and his grandson was a hot Summertime day.  But he's holding an over 3-pounder.  We had an overnight fish-camp set up at Wolf Run State Park.  He cooked some great barbeque chicken, potatoes, and corn at the cabin during a Summer storm.

Joe Tipple with a 4.5-pound Rushcreek Lake bass.


Neil Butts holding a 5lb.10oz. post spawn  biggun.

We had a pretty good morning on the water.


These two clients said they had a great time with JignPig Guide.  

Hot summertime crankbait fishing.

Many bluegill at Burr Oak Lake.
This time, my clients were a couple of young men.  They caught more panfish than we could count.

Hot weather fishin'.  But this client caught several bass on our trip to one of JignPigs honey holes.

Our 2013 trip was great.  We set up a Fish-Camp at the Wolf Run State Park cabin.  And again this year.  My client cooked up some awesome steak on the grill.  Yummy!


These father & son clients had a great time with JignPig Guide at Burr Oak Lake.  They caught: largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and rockbass.

He told his classmates that he caught this one!

Here is a 6lb.2oz. caught pre-spawn 2011.


Burr Oak Lake

On our April 2013 Burr Oak Lake trip, we caught 17-pounds of bass in our best five fish.  We had: one over 4-pound, three over 3-pounds, three over 2-pounds, and several throw-backs.  That's a good guide trip day.


Here's a 5-pound Burr Oak Lake bass.  Springtime fishing and caught on a Chatterbait in an isolated patch of lily pads.

4-pound 13oz. and  4-pound 8oz. and 3-pounder

They all hit my JignPig.

Here are three more keepers.

These all hit the JignPig.


Wolf Run Lake

This client learned a few new techniques from our trip.  We did: drop-shot, crankbait, jignpig, tube, creature-bait, chatterbait, Venom Salty Sling and Sweet Dream, and more..

6-pound 13oz. Wolf Run Lake

Early springtime with cold water temps.

He caught it.  And it weighed 7-pounds on my digital scale.




JignPig Guide with Bart Leach.

Early summertime/post spawn.  This bass hit his crankbait.


JignPig Guide with Chris Dale and a 3-1/4 pound bass.

Caught on soft plastic lizard late summertime.

6-pound Burr Oak Lake bass

Caught on the JignPig early spring/pre-spawn.


A few nice Hargus Creek Lake largemouth.


He caught a 6-pounder on this trip.


Crappie 16-1/4 inches - Rushcreek Lake.

This wonderful grandfather & grandson were good anglers.  Our trip was on Indian Lake during the heat of the 2012 Summer.  He caught this one using a 3/8 oz. bass jig tipped with a Venom Dream Craw.



Here's a nice wintertime/ice-out bag...

These hit a green pumpkin JignVenom Sweet Dream..

This one weighed 7-pound 3oz.

Late summer/September.  Caught on JignPig.

This late summer largemouth weighed 6-pound 4oz.

She hit the JignVenom Dream Craw deep down in a laydown.


This client was a good angler.  And when I put him on the fish at Wolf Run Lake, he caught a mess of them pretty quick.  We found schooled up suspended bass in 32ft. of water,  and lit 'em up.






Let me put a picture of you holding up a big one here!









Fishin' was slow and small this day at Burr Oak.  But he and his dad  had fun with JignPig Guide..  We'll do better next time.  See picture on right.

Fishing was slow for us last season.  But it picked up this year.  This wonderful father and son had a great time catchin' bass at Wolf Run Lake.

Our guide trip was at Wolf Run Lake.

Here is a good Fall 2011 largemouth.

This big female hit a brown Chatterbait.

This Central Ohio November bass weighed 5lb.6oz.

This one hit a Rapala lipless crankbait.

This Central Ohio Fall bass is thick.

She hit the Venom Lures Salty Sling.



Mike Tipple with his 5lb.1oz. giant.

She hit his JignPig.

5-pound 10oz. AEP Recreation Land

Springtime camping/fishing with night temperatures in the low 20s.  This one hit the JignPig. 



This was a fathers day bluegill fishin' trip with these clients.  This man's children had a morning trip on Hargus Creek Lake for their dad.  They were an impressive family.  And showed a lot of love toward their father.


Blue Rock State Park 5lb.10oz. biggun'.




Pictures of you holding your fish go here.



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